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Dirtbox Radio : Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

. #831
. This week: Dirtbox Crew represent: Encryption, ODJ, and DaveJ hit the decks.

.. 07-08:20PM ET - Encryption
.. 08:20-09:40PM ET - DaveJ
.. 09:40-11PM ET - ODJ


. We're no longer using Ustream. The platform has slowly been pushing out those of us who don't want to pay mucho dinero for their service, catering to more professional broadcasters. Since IBM bought them out it's been worse. We'll be piloting alternatives for live video stream in the coming months. [EDIT] - We've begun piloting YouTube streaming. See the results of our attempts at our Youtube Page. [EDIT #2] - After a few episodes' worth of broadcasting, we're going to stick with YouTube as our platform for a while. If you have any feedback, please hit up ODJ (ODJ at Dirtbox Radio dot com).


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